The Stake President Saw Me Naked

Well, bascially. It felt like it.

I am ashamed. I have all these cute summer clothes. Mostly tank tops and shorts. I've had them for years and they're perfectly broken in. Granted, sometimes they leave little to the imagination, but with 100 degree heat I'm prepared to run around naked if that's what it takes.

Yesterday I was of course sporting the tank top and short shorts while hubby and I were dropping off a movie real quick. Normally, I wouldn't be caught dead in public wearing an outfit like that - they are generally strictly for "home use." But we were in a rush because he had to get to the stake president's office to get his recommend signed. My endowment is this weekend, and of course he's put it off until now.

We let the time get away from us, and realized that I would have to take him over to the stake center for his interview, then pick him up afterward. I dropped him off, but instead of leaving I decided to just wait in the car.

About ten minutes later hubby emerges asking for more "documentation" or something - with the stake president right behind him. I am literally thinking, "Oh, Shit." Which is perhaps not the right thing to be thinking at this juncture. I shuffled around in the backseat to try and find something to cover myself up with. (The cleavage in this shirt I was wearing is a little rediculous.) I found my girl's camp sweatshirt and just as the stake president approached the car, I wrapped it around myself.

More than a little embarassed, my husband feigned some excuse that we were swimming and tried to get him away from me.

A few things I learned on this adventure:

1. Always be prepared (i.e. don't dress slutty) to meet someone important at any time of the day.

2. My broken in clothes will no longer be feasible after this weekend.

3. Wearing garments will be a very rude awakening. But still an excuse to buy more clothes.

4. Always keep a large sweater in your car. Not only for a situation like this - but just in case you get mugged and they take your clothes.

5. Have good excuses handy.


Anonymous said...

Oh hun! I know it's not that funny but I can't stop laughing because this has happened to me on more than one occassion. Caught wearing tank tops (before I went through the temple) by Bishops and Ward Members all the time LOL!

Good advice though ... I can't believe it's August already! How excited are you!? I can't wait to see pictures!

Brian Phelps said...

I think this goes to the question of what exactly is modesty. If you are wearing clothing in a deliberately provocative manner so as to incite second and third looks, that certainly qualifies. If you'd been dressed as you were in your car, but on the beach, or in your own backyard, would it have been an issue? Being in your car dressed casually to run a quick errand isn't necessarily immodest IMO.

I've been working in the yard in 100 degree heat in a swimsuit and T-shirt and run down to the hardware store like that for something I needed. Was I immodest? Should I have showered and changed beforehand to maintain a show of modesty?

I think you have to use your discernment about when to wear garments. As Scoutmaster I took 6 boys in our troop on a hike for four days. I knew I'd be dirty and smelly and didn't want to disrespect my garments by getting them so dirty, and as we are told that during athletic activities they may not be appropriate, I chose not to wear them on the hike. The other priesthood leader present wore his.

As it is, I just came in from washing the car, it's 86 degrees in my office (always hotter than the rest of the house due to the computers and printers), and I'm still in my swimsuit. If the Stake President showed up right now, I would not feel immodest.

So I think a lot about defining modesty goes to your intent. We try to communicate a body-positive image at home, and don't make a issue about it if our teen children accidentally catch us sans clothing. And we don't feel immodest because it happened.

Anonymous said...

Your husband lied about going swimming to explain the way yo were dressed and you went along with the lie.

I don't think that is Doing the Right thing.

Bill said...

Oh my are you kidding me. I think it's great that women dress like that. The more to see the better. And anonymous please, is the small lie he told worse than the judging of others you just did.
I always take off my garments when I have to work out in the 100+ weather. I don't think they were designed for hot weather.

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