In my various searches and bored surfing of the Internet, I am going to come right out and express just how pissed I am at all the "Anti-Mormon" blogs and websites. Really, this goes for any "anti-religious" website. However, the ones devoted to the LDS church seem particularly spiteful, and I am not sure why. Of course, some of their purpose is to piss us off, but here are some things I would like to say to people that devote their lives to de-bunking the faith of others instead of pursuing of another truth.

Get another hobby. People aren't changing their religion because of your blog. (If they are, their faith in any church wasn't that strong in the first place.) You are just creating turmoil.

Do some actual research. Nearly every piece of “evidence” I’ve seen on these sites that “disprove” our church is either wrong or already refuted. If you are going to argue intelligently, put some effort into research.

Don’t single out the LDS church. I have seen so many sites that “scientifically” disprove the church, and the people who run the sites now Catholic, or Lutheran, or Baptist –whatever. You are telling me that scientific facts will hold up in your church? I don’t think so. Religion can be proven to a point with science; otherwise faith is what keeps it alive. Unless you believe that there is no God whatsoever – no higher power – science isn’t a valid argument.

Not every member of the church is the same. Yes, as a member I will admit that living in Southeast Idaho there isn’t really a diverse population. However, we don’t all believe the same things, think the same things, or know the same things. When it comes to the church, our beliefs are generally the same. But we don’t all ostracize family members for shopping on Sunday, we don’t all live the Word of Wisdom perfectly, we don’t look down upon other religions, races, ethnicities, etc… We don’t always have tons of children, NO REAL members of our church are polygamists (that’s FLDS), and there are dozens more stereotypes that the anti-LDS websites claim as truth. We are all different.

Get over the whole “Word of Wisdom” thing. So many people have expressed their dismay at how the church dictates what we can and cannot do. Drinking alcohol, coffee, wearing garments, blah, blah, blah. It is religious preference. There are things that Jews, Buddhists, Muslims etc… can and cannot do as well – why can’t a Christian religion have some standards? If you can’t live the Word of Wisdom, it doesn’t mean you should leave the church and start reading all this Anti-Literature and start an ex-Mormon website. It just means that, Hey – you can’t do it. If you are so insecure that the approval of the people in the church are more important to you than God, you should rethink your religious views anyway. Besides, you only THINK everyone looks down on you because you are looking down on yourself.

We recognize that we aren’t perfect. Duh. No one is, and we don’t think we are. Some people in the church are jerks who think they are all high and mighty. Some are bad parents, some are adulterers, some are alcoholics – Just like the rest of the world. We know that not everyone is perfect, and shouldn’t be. We also know that by living the way we do we can become more like Jesus Christ, which is the whole point! Being a GOOD PERSON and treating your body like a TEMPLE is the best thing you can do. Now what is wrong with that?

Does God Call in Sick?

So, since I haven't posted in a few days, you may have guessed that I caught the full blown crap that my husband had. In fact, it was the real "flu" - which I have never gotten before. I called in sick to work three days in a row, which was actually less than I needed. Normally, I will milk a cold for an extra day, just so I can stay home. But this time it was bad, especially because no one was taking care of me. I didn't go to church on Sunday either, which I am sure was appreciated by everyone there. I know this is kind of a silly question to ask, but do you think God ever just takes a day off? I mean, he IS God so maybe he doesn't need it like we do. But I'm sure that there's got to be a point in his day where he just wants to say "I'm outta here." I guess not.

Airborne Can Go to HELL

My husband almost died this weekend. Well, maybe I am being a little dramatic. This flu has made itself right at home among our bedsheets and doorknobs. My husband, the 300 pound offensive lineman, had a temperature of 104.4 and was so deleriously sick that I had to try and fit him into a bath of ice. Cold towels, ice cubes, and lots of Tylenol later, we brought it down to 101. God only knows what would have happened if the bathtub were any smaller. Of course I have done nearly everything short of moving out to keep from getting it, but last night I felt that tickle in my throat. You know, the one that lets you know it's too late to inject Airborne and you've been defeated. This morning I rolled onto the cat as I flopped out of bed, and barely made it to the shower. Now I'm at work, hopped up on Sudafed. Where is a vial of oil when you need one? While to some, blessings by the priesthood are phony. (I.E. You crazy non-members.) But I have seen the blessings that can arise by a simple visit from the elders, and I am here to say that I would very much like to partake in one of those about now. If they can muster the courage to show up.

Amen, Sista

My 13 year old niece began commenting on how much she hated church. She said, "Why does it have to be SO boring? Why can't we just stand up and clap and sing like the black people do?" My husband sat in silent defeat, saddened that she doesn't find as much joy in scripture reading and acting reverent as he does. I replied, "Well, some people find that being reverent in church is what God wants us to do. It depends on who you are. If it were up to me, I think we would have a little bit more fun in church."

I thought she made a good point. Church is SO boring sometimes, depending on what ward you're in. I challenge everyone to make their talk INTERESTING, and have a little charisma when you are up there. It's not that hard, and God will commend you for making people pay attention. Even the most righteous priesthood holders fall asleep in church. God isn't a boring guy. He created us in his own image, so if we are bored chances are that he's gone over to the "black people" church to hang out. I would.

Mormon Church is Like a Bar...or Daycare...

Church has recently become my only source of social contact. I am married without kids (so far) and we literally have no friends. We live in a town that has either white collar Mormons or blue collar hillbillys. So as you may have guessed, the only place to make friends is either church, a truck stop, or a bar. I remember the singles ward being just like a bar - only the drinks are a different kind of "spirited." Awkwardly looking at someone from across the room, talking casually for a bit, then instead of getting some ass in the end we just get engaged. The analogy changes a bit after you transfer over into the married student or family ward. Bar:Singles Ward as Daycare:Married Wards.

I always hated that about sacrament meeting. There's nothing that makes me want to burn down the church half-way through sacrament like thirty seven screaming babies and their parents who won't dimiss themselves to the hallway. Like if they miss one second of a talk to comfort their child, they are going to hell. Primary needs to be the full three hours so that the rest of us can actually pay attention (or at least daydream/sleep in peace.) There is one difference between the married student wards and the family wards - the age of the children. Instead of having kids that are 13, 10, 7, 5, and 3 you get a 3 year old, a 1 year old, an infant, and a fetus. I have never in my life seen so many pregnant people outside a prenatal yoga class in my life than I have seen in the married student ward. If you go to a school that is predominatley LDS, well you can only guess how many classes women skip for morning sickness. It's a wonder that they even graduate. Don't get me wrong though, even though I have graduated college, I still always wanted to be pregnant during that time. (Like it was SO long ago...two months today to be exact.) Anyway, I think that being pregnant, having kids, and everything else that comes with it is going to be awesome. But when I am sitting in church and my little shits start yelling at the top of their lungs you better believe I will lock them in the car. (Just kidding, don't make any phone calls.)

The First One!

So, as you may have guessed this is the hottest place on the web.

Given that it just fired up today, I will give it a little time before people start pouring in to write witty and somtimes offensive material.

I've done a little research and found that Mormon Blogging is quite popular. (I don't mean blogging by ignorant people who hate Mormons, that's a given.) Mostly, they are websites written by moms and dads, dedicating the space to their family, or talking about babies. Mormons must be prenatal experts with all the talk about babies, having babies, and even just KIDS for that matter. Anyway....

However, for all the MANY, MANY sites that are written by ex-Mormons and non-Mormons, I invite you to post here - out of your element - and see what REAL, intelligent, and logical Mormons have to say about your thoughts.