Amen, Sista

My 13 year old niece began commenting on how much she hated church. She said, "Why does it have to be SO boring? Why can't we just stand up and clap and sing like the black people do?" My husband sat in silent defeat, saddened that she doesn't find as much joy in scripture reading and acting reverent as he does. I replied, "Well, some people find that being reverent in church is what God wants us to do. It depends on who you are. If it were up to me, I think we would have a little bit more fun in church."

I thought she made a good point. Church is SO boring sometimes, depending on what ward you're in. I challenge everyone to make their talk INTERESTING, and have a little charisma when you are up there. It's not that hard, and God will commend you for making people pay attention. Even the most righteous priesthood holders fall asleep in church. God isn't a boring guy. He created us in his own image, so if we are bored chances are that he's gone over to the "black people" church to hang out. I would.


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