Why I Voted For Obama

I've mentioned before that my ideals are not liberal or republican. In fact, I am not sure what it's called - I just know what I believe in. This has been the most difficult decision I've had to make in a long time. I've flip-flopped between candidates for awhile, and I finally sat down and tried to write down (in excel spreadsheet form of course) each candidates policies and what they believe in. I researched, and researched everything from their past to their family life and exactly what they would do for the country. I watched all the debates and even watched biased media (although I shouldn't have.) Then, all slander and unconfirmed facts aside, I still didn't have a clue as to who I would vote for.

Last night I even got down on my knees and prayed that Heavenly Father would guide me in the right direction. But I still didn't have an answer right away.

Even as I walked into the little elementary school gym, I wasn't sure who it would be. I cast my vote for all the other candidates for congress and district courts etc... Then it came to the large box to the left with the nominees for president.

It was at that moment it sort of just...came to me. I want to vote for the person who is best for this country, not who is best for just me. So to make a very, very, very long drawn out and detailed story short - that's why I chose Obama.


MBM's Mama said...

God Bless America!

Would you mind sharing how you came to your conclusion that Obama would be better for the country than McCain?


SeattleSuz said...

I did absentee and was very sure of who I would vote for even before I got my ballot.

April said...

MBM's Mama -

This would take a long time to do in full, but here's the extreme Reader's Digest version.

America is free, diverse, and has many different religions, beliefs, and ethnicities within it and I respect that. Therefore, regarding gay marriage and abortion, (even polygamy) I feel every American has a right to choose for themselves. I don’t think government should be involved at this point. God is the only one who has the ultimate right to judge them. Then again, we have to remember that Bush didn’t agree with abortion, and look where we are today.

I also think Obama’s foreign policy is more in line with my own… I strongly disagree with McCain’s.

Healthcare was comparable.
Taxes were comparable.

peewee said...

ME TOO! At the poll I just stared and stared, and then eventually hit the obama key, but i left nervous, wondering if I had caved to all my friends horror that I would dare vote for McCain, or if I truly believed in his ability to change our COuntry. I Trusted that America would decide :) You're awesome by the way!

Tug said...

I totally get where you're coming from. (I'm Mormon, but not Republican.) At times it can be tough when my personal beliefs don't necessarily correlate with those of "the church." Oh well. Some how I'll survive. :]

Kris said...

Your situation is similar to mine, in that I did a lot of research before I made my decision. I had been a Republican up until this year (for thirty years!), and came to the conclusion that the Republican party just didn't represent my ethics any more.

This is a very difficult decision, in that you receive A LOT of flack about not voting republican from other members of the church. It just makes me MORE determined to have knowledge of politics and the scriptures to back up my beliefs.

Good for you!

Iron_woman said...

I agree with you. Hoping that this great man, this powerful speaker, can help lead the most powerful nation in the world toward a better tomorrow. He was honest about the fact that it will be difficult to accomplish his goals in one term, and said it would be an uphill battle. He also said that we can do it together, as a nation, and as hardworking people who care about our future and our children future. Please check my blog:http://largerthanlifeheroes.blogspot.com/

Livin' Large said...

Better start praying with your decision. If you read the Revelations, you'll know who the Apostle John is talking about.

Tamsen said...

Republican is not synonymous with Revelation. And by the way, Hannity is not the authority I look to and I am weary of his being quoted more than apostles lately. I don't vote straight ticket because neither party is without its corruptions or at odds with some part of my value system. Hence the letter that is sent out prior to every election stating the Church does not affiliate with any party and to do your research..

Tamsen said...

Thanks for openly admitting that you voted for Obama by the way, and doing research into the issues. I voted for Obama too and though I expect he is making and will make more serious mistakes in his current line of work, I think his speech to the school kids was really something.

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