The Beauty of Being Involved

by April

So, contrary to what many have discussed thus far on Normal Mormons, I actually really like my ward. I didn't even have to ward shop! We've lived in the same place for a year, and it hasn't been just until recently that I've had the time and will to actually participate and go every Sunday. But as a new year's resolution, I promised that I would go to everything I possibly could, do my visiting teaching, fulfill my calling as a Mia Maids advisor, and attend enrichment meetings etc... So far, I am doing pretty awesome.

Not gonna lie though, I used to dread going to church and activities. I was always the "new" girl - and no one really knew me very well. Plus, church is boring. I'm sorry - but unless there's an extraordinarily charismatic speaker, I can't pay attention for the life of me. Even in Sunday School. Especially in Sunday School, ugh. But lately, I've found that the friendships I've made with both the youth, the leaders, and many of the women in RS that I actually look forward to showing up.

Sure, perhaps it's bad that I look forward to going to church because of friends or social activities, but honestly how many people do that? Countless. Even the older folks who are supposed to be "attentive" and all "filled with the spirit" doze off, read a book, etc... (even the Bishop!) which honestly - isn't right. At least I look like I'm paying attention instead of blatantly ignoring the speaker like most do.

My husband's view on church callings is quite different - I think I'll have him do a guest post!


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That's great! :)

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