Polygamy vs. Gay Marriage

So, if you've stopped by recently, you would notice a poll to the right of this post. This will be a regular thing, too. But the last two polls I posted asked "What are you're thoughts on the FLDS?" and "What is your opinion on gay marriage?" In both of these polls, readers were allowed to chose more than one answer.

The two most popular answers for the FLDS question were
"They have the same rights as everyone else." (75%)
"They make us [Mormons] look bad." (50%)

The most popular answers for the gay marriage question were
"It ruins the sanctity of real marriage" (40%),
"They have rights just like every other American." (32%)
"According to God, it is wrong."(20%)

While the responses weren't overwhelmingly one way or the other, we can still see that the majority of visitors to this site feel that the FLDS have more rights than gays. Okay, I'm making assumptions on a grand total of around 50 votes. But it's interesting to see that we approve of rights for polygamists, yet not as much for gays. Of course, the Mormon church has both approved of, and banned polygamy. We feel our Heavenly Father, just like in the Bible, both allows and condemns polygamy. However, the church has never approved of homosexuality, perhaps because we assume the scriptures tell us so.

However, why is it not acceptable to either ban, or allow BOTH? If you rule out one, you must rule out the other. If the people involved are over 18 and consenting, why not?

Many Mormons I know would defend polygamy because it's a "loving" marriage between a husband and his wives, meant to "raise seed unto the gospel." They assume that gay marriage is nothing but a bunch of sodomy 24/7. You can't assume that all polygamist marriages are "loving" just like you can assume that gay or heterosexual marriages are "loving." I ask this to Mormons: Do you even KNOW a gay Mormon?

Personally, I don't. And I am really still on the fence about both issues. I simply don't know what is "right." But if people can be in a happy, fulilling, and loving relationship, WHY NOT?

Here's an interesting site. http://www.soymademegay.com/

Let's try to keep open minds. God has made way for change in the church before, but only if we are ready. There's not room for hate in our church.


Lisa M. said...

I do know a gay Mormon man. He has chosen to not delve into a relationship because it would influence and effect his standing with the church, so he remains faithful, and abstains from romantic relationships all together.

While I don't know what is right and wrong, I have to say, this guy has a testimony.

This was a great read- thank you.

Fred said...

I am a gay mormon! You can know me :)
Civil marriage and religous marriage are two seperate issues. A church should be able to define marriage however they chose, and they do... The temple marriage, I doubt, will ever include gay marriages, although, I can have sex with "someone to whom you are legally married" maybe that is part of the issue.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well spoken.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The thing I don't like about this article, is that it says 'there's no room for hate in our church' as if saying that something is wrong is hateful. If me believing that something you're doing is wrong means I hate you, than Christ was incapable of loving any of us. And we know that's not true. It's like saying I think drinking alcohol is wrong so I must hate all alcoholics. That's simply ridiculous. I had a friend in High School who had sex with her boyfriend what sounded often and had an abortion, two very serious sins. But I loved her, and still am happy to call her my friend and I did tell her she needed to stop doing that and never do it again. I don't know if she listened, but she knows I still loved her and we keep in touch.

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