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I'll be blunt. We got an HDTV. (Insert glowing halo and choir music here.) It's so sexy that we actually had to modify our entertainment center to get it to fit. Normal people wall mount it, but we were blatantly terrified for fear that it would fall and crash into a million pieces before we could watch anything. So we took a sledge hammer to all the little convenient shelves in our wooden entertainment center, which left a gaping space to put in a TV. With just about an inch left on each side, we got it in. Now we are consumed with watching Blu-Ray movies and playing Xbox.

My car is a trooper – but if I have the air conditioning on it putters out like it’s out of gas. Especially in 100 degree weather. More than once I’ve been on my way to see a client, and all of a sudden I am stranded on the side of the freeway pushing my car to safety. So I am going to buy a car. Right now I own my car – but I was thinking of getting something a little nicer and just make payments on it. Maybe a cute Beetle. My 6’4” husband can fit into those things like a dream. In any case, it’s gonna cost me.

I’m flying to Seattle this weekend to see my best friend from college. Needless to say, lots of shopping will be involved. She just bought a brand new Cadillac. You know, the one from the commercial that says, “When you turn your car on does it return the favor?” Yeah.

I haven’t actually MADE a meal in two weeks, excluding last night when I put pizzas in the oven. We’ve eaten every meal out.

I’ve spoiled myself lately with nails, hair, waxes etc…

Last night I kneeled at the side of the bed for prayer, and had an overwhelming need to request God’s help.

Please, please God let me win the lottery. And if that doesn’t happen, help me make more money at my job. And if that doesn’t happen remind me the next time I want to buy something that you will smite me with a bolt of lightning.

In all seriousness, I’ve found that spending money wisely is kind of another addition to the Word of Wisdom. Don’t drink coffee, don’t smoke, and don’t buy an HDTV if your car is a piece of crap. The church has been good about dealing with financial matters and how we should avoid credit cards, and be frugal as much as possible. I think I have just forgotten how to do that.

Spending money is easy. Be it on a TV, baby clothes, kids’ toys, husband’s toys, wife’s beauty regimens, even food and the necessities. Some people buy brand name things when the generic brand would work just fine. Some people pay only $400 a month for rent, and purchase a $4000 living room set. Some people live in squalor, and eat ramen noodles every day, and never go out and have fun.

I say there’s a happy medium. Granted, we should be careful of what we buy, and never use a credit card unless we can pay the balance off in full each month. But we should also realize that LIFE is what happens when you are saving up for it. (My own quote there, feel free to attribute it to me….) We need to budget for FUN. We need to budget for what makes us HAPPY. For example, going to a movie in the “expensive” theatre (vs. the $2 theatre) once or twice a month gives me an unnatural amount of joy. So I am going to do it. On the other hand, I could have definitely gone without getting my hair done. I could have gone without these stupid nails that make it so I can’t type. My husband could have used his old rifle instead of buying a new one.

We could really go on about this all day. I guess the point is to be SMART about what we buy. Honestly, thinking about Heavenly Father when I feel weak makes me much more likely to spend wisely.

What have you bought lately that you probably shouldn’t have? What are some tips you have for spending money wisely?


SeattleSuz said...

Hope you have a great time in Seattle this weekend. The weather is supposed to be pretty nice here. I am sure it will be a welcome break from the heat for you.

I have to admit that I have issues with spending money lately, mostly on baby clothes. I can't help myself because baby clothes are so cheap and so fun to buy! My husband has recently put the kibosh on my spending though. That's my saving grace from spending money on clothes for my baby girl. If he didn't stop me, I'd have a really hard time stopping myself.

Marsha said...

Spending money...yikes. We've had over $4000 go out the door in the last four weeks!

Granted, some of it needed to be spent...the house was the ugliest on the block for the last seven years...it needed a paint job that neither my dh or I could do on our own...we hired it out...$2900

Who would have guessed we would be stranded with two flat tired in a lightening storm in the middle of nowhwere and have to be towed? We had to spend over $700 on four new tires, two new tie rods, an oil change and front end alignment.

We just celebrated our 25th. We rarely do anything for ourselves without the kids...so we splurged and stayed in an expensive hotel and had a fancy dinner...$200.

My kids both ended up needing dental work done...$250.

I know there has been more extra expensese beside all that but can't think of it all right now...

Money just sprouts wings and flies.

We did save ourselves $100 in plumbing bills this week...my daughter suggested using the vacuum cleaner on the clogged sink drain. It worked like a charm!

My husband got a friend to install our new hard drive instead of taking it to the professionals...granted it was a disaster for a day when one program didn't transfer right and mucked the whole machine up so we couldn't use it...but we got through it and fixed it with much agravation but no extra expense!

Yes, money seems to sprout wings and fly! A budget is helpful when unexpected expenses don't ruin it.LOL!

Untypically Jia said...

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Don't forget to check out the rules and pass the love along!

Anonymous said...

We bought a HDTV, too. Had to build a frame to hold it. Heard the same angels you did. Fast forward 2 months. My son has saved and saved and asked family for money so he could get a WII for his birthday. We have a TV in the basement to play games on but thought it would be fun to play the first time on our huge 52" HDTV. Day 2: forgot to remind players to secure wrist strap before bowling on WII. Our HDTV was fun while it lasted-2 months.

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