A Drunken Weekend

We had an awesome weekend. My husband and I joined his sister and her friends and family (the niece and nephew we spend all our time with) at a local reservoir for camping, hiking, fishing, and just hanging out. We took the speedboat out on the water and fished until sunset. We caught a few bass and my husband learned to cook them on the fire. All in all, it was great.

The only stick in my side was the fact that my husband and I were the ONLY adults not drinking alcohol. For three solid days, there were at least 20 adults (adults mind you, some not over 21) that were so drunk that the smell of alcohol radiated from their pores. There were also about 10 children that were exposed to their belligerent parents stumbling around and waking them up at four in the morning. The drunks would hop in their cars and drive around like it was no big deal. Then they would drive the speedboat around like wild banshees. The children weren’t fazed at all however, as this is apparently a regular practice.

My husband and I tried to keep the children occupied and away from all the drunken banter happening near the campfire. As the weekend rolled on, the children must have figured out that we weren’t drinking, so they followed us everywhere we went.

I constantly get the classic question, “Why can’t Mormons drink? A little alcohol is good for you!”

Why? Because you can’t control yourself. Some people can. Some can’t. Why take a chance and ruin the lives of your children, your family, and yourself? Yes, drinking alcohol is “fun” to you – but what about those around you? YOU may not be an alcoholic, but what about the people you associate with?

I thank God so much for the Word of Wisdom. There is a reason that He doesn’t want us to drink alcohol, and I saw it this weekend. Not that I needed one weekend to understand – my father was an alcoholic. I also hope that those who were raised in the church and were never exposed to it are thankful for the blessings they received.

On a side note, I don’t think we would have had as much fun had we not gone with a bunch of drunken lunatics. We drove around to find some fishing spots, and came upon a “Mormon” campsite. Either that or these people loved polos, capped sleeves, long shorts, and tons of children. They had just as many people as us, but no one was laughing. The children were all confined to the “grassy” area, and the adults were all sitting around in chairs, holding babies. Their campers were new and shiny without a smudge of dirt on them, and the men tended to their wives instead of hanging out with the guys.

If we had gone camping with them, we’d have been the life of the party!


Anonymous said...

I know the feeling girl, in fact we just went to a party last night where we were the only ones NOT drinking. It comes with the territory I suppose.


SeattleSuz said...

That's interesting because this is always me and my husband at parties, we're the only ones NOT drinking and we are very happy with that! Even though I am an inactive Mormon (and my husband is Catholic), we're both subconciously following the Word of Wisdom (well, cept coffee every morning!). Guess that's what happens when you've already had your party days and don't want to expose your kiddos to that kind of life! I love your blog, BTW!

Anonymous said...

The Word of Wisdom is not what you think. Check out it's history.

Joseph Smith drank beer and wine. As did most prophets and apostles until around 1920. Joseph was drinking the day he died. That is in the history of the Church, before it was edited out to make Joseph look better.

I am very disturbed to find out that what is told about the WoW today, is mostly a fairy tale, repeated often.

The cover up is astonishing. Do yourself a favor and study it out. Find out the history and when it became a commandment and how it became a commandment (hint: It didn't, no revelation needed, just prohibition).

There is no harm in a drink or two. There is no commandment to the contrary. Only a rule enforced as if it were a commandment, and a coverup that it is not such.

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