Praying Pays In Little Ways

Scratch That: TITHING pays in BIG ways.

Just another small note. My husband and I hadn't paid our ever. Since we are going to get sealed in the temple here pretty soon (08/08/08!) we started about a month ago. I just transfer the money right over into a savings account, then write a check every two weeks or so.

By giving just ONE check thus far (and having a pile in savings), our monthly income has - get this - nearly tripled! This would be thanks to my husband's job. We sat down to lunch today and he said - "Honey, do you realized we have made over ___ thousand dollars this month?" I was like..."Uh, WHAT?"

We were so scared because we were barley scraping by before. But we sucked it up, and forked over a check, knowing that there are so many people who are far worse off than us - and that God would make sure we were okay. Well, Heavenly Father has definetly blessed us, and it even looks as though I will be making more commission at my job too! While I know things aren't always going to be this good, and they might get better, (both our jobs are basically commission based), I think Heavenly Father will keep a look out if we do what we are asked.

Woo hoo tithing!


Faith said...

That's so cool! :)

Dan and Wendy said...

I have about the same experience every time I increase my fast offerings.

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