Visiting Teaching

I have never gone visiting teaching, and I have only ever had them come over twice. Last night was one of those times, and I can surprisingly say that it wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be. Sometimes the lovely women of the LDS persuasion tend to be a little withdrawn, shy, or socially awkward. (At least the most I have known.) Thankfully, last night I was able to be myself, talk about the fact that I AM a convert (instead of hiding it), and get a good message at the same time.

One woman looked about 19, but I knew for a fact she had 4 kids. She was pretty, blonde, and had braces. The other was tall, thin, and also looked quite young. She was a married student with no children. I said, "Geez, looks like were off in our own little boat together!" Referencing the fact that we were both married with no kids. At that point I had yet to find another couple like this. We began talking about children and the other woman said, "Yeah, I have the typical Mormon family!"

I was surprised. She was raised in the church, her dad is a bishop, she has the 4 kids and a dentist for a husband - so is it possible to fit literally every stereotype and STILL be Normal? Apparently so. Her and her husband just bought Rock Band, so I am pretty sure we need to be friends. Then I found out she was 32. I wouldn't have even guess late 20's.

It seems that every friend I make is either 10 years older than me (sister-in-law), or 10 years younger (niece) - Who both happen to be my best friends right now.

So... it's possible to be Normal even if you are the "picture-perfect" Mormon family. Whew.


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