Mormon Church Cliques

Sitting in church is much like sitting in a high school cafeteria. While the groups aren't allocated by geography, one can generally decipher which Mormon Clique they belong to. Of course this varies by ward, but you get the point.

1. The RM

Return Missionaries can often be identified easily as they still have "leftovers" from their mission. Leftover suits, shoes, haircuts, bibles, etc... They are often enthusiastic about the gospel, reverent, and exceedingly haughty at times. They also have wandering eyes, and tend to flirt.

2. The Convert

Also an enthusiastic bunch. Their prayers tend to be more unique, and sometimes strange. They get funny looks on their face when certain lingo is used, like “CES.” They REALLY pay attention in Sacrament and love Fast and Testimony. They haven’t quite mastered quick scripture lookup or taking the water gracefully.

3. The SAHM

This is the “Stay at Home Mom.” Quite a popular group. They can usually be found in the hallway or in the back of the church with a child on their hip speaking with other SAHMs. Can’t really pay attention due to the amount of unruly children they try to keep at bay. They often do more church activities on days other than Sunday, perhaps to make up for lost time.

4. The Overly Worthy Priesthood Holder

This guy could be mistaken for a missionary if it weren’t for his age, or the children attached to his ankles. He’s often quite attentive or out in the hallway holding the children, as to allow his wife to listen to sacrament. He’s outspoken in Sunday School and Priesthood, and is kind to everyone in the ward. The bishop is usually (hopefully) part of this group.

5. The "Elder"ly

Most often found asleep, this group tends to be those over the age of 70. They’ve been going to church so long that it seems they’ve heard it all. While they’re often inspiring to family members, their talks can get long and off-topic. They’re intelligent about the gospel, and can answer almost any question, although they tend to stick to the “old ways” and don’t like change.

6. The Disgruntled Teen

Usually dressed in trendy outfits, these teens are always on the fashion forefront but feel the way about church much like other children do. They are annoyed at three hours of God talk, and by members of these other various groups. They DO believe in the gospel, and can recite their testimony almost as naturally as chewing a bite of food – without thinking. But the glum, somewhat defeated look on their faces suggests otherwise.

7. The Enthusiastic Teen

The one that has had nothing but positive experience thus far, and are always involved, paying attention, and perfectly adhering to the Word of Wisdom. Their ultimate dreams are to attend BYU, get married/go on a mission, and have children. They are heavily equipped with highlighters and extra reading material, and take notes like they’re practicing for the SAT.

8. The Intellectual

These people often “look” like they are paying attention in church, but are really gazing at the speaker and thinking of something else entirely. They generally think that if they stare in the podium’s direction, that no one is aware of what they are doing. Perhaps they’re thinking of our dependence on foreign oil, perhaps the architecture of the building, perhaps the ingredients of tonight’s dinner – whatever it is, it ain’t about God.

9. The Questionable Couple

This is the guy that comes to church with his salmon colored shirt wrinkly and un-tucked, his navy blue pants three inches too short, and a bow tie. His wife is wearing orange fishnet tights, silver shoes, and a neon green dress. Okay, maybe you’ve never seen them – but they are in my ward and I think they might be from another planet altogether. We must have some good missionaries out on Mars.


Anonymous said...

Hehe, here's more of a commentary than a comment LOL:

The RM: They also have leftover egos too! My BIL basically told our whole family that we were going to hell because we weren't 100% on everything LMAO! It eventually went away, but we've never let him forget it.

The Convert: Seriously! Why doesn't anyone else pay attention in sacrament!? My husband plays with our nephew and I just want to say "Give the kid a coloring book, you need to listen to this too!" LOL!

The SAHM: In addition, there are the working Mothers who have the same amount of children but look a little more beaten down.

The Overly Worthy Priesthood Holder: I adore these guys. There's one in my ward that DH and I have known since we were 14 or 15 and literally we both agree that he's the greatest person in the world and will probably eventually become prophet.

The 'Elder'ly: Is it sad that my FIL fits in here? When I was younger I used to say, "Wow, your Dad is really spiritual." and my husband (boyfriend at the time) would laugh and say, "He's not praying, he's sleeping." LOL

The Disgruntled Teen: I hated these kids when I was in Youth.

The Enthusiastic Teen: Maybe it was because I was one of these?

The Intellectual: LOL One of these was in my Sunday School Class (as a teenager) and would often make comments like, "Well that's because it wasn't made in China. That's why the Church is true." Or something like that LOL!

The Questionable Couple: I think I've been one of these. My first time coming to Church I wore a black little dress and had purple hair. LOL

This was a great post April!

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