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Okay, let me introduce myself - I’m just a “Regular Mormon” – (April is more “normal” than I, lol). April was kind enough to invite me to her Blog site to collaborate and make some of my own comments. With her site ironically being named a “Normal Mormon”, and after reading some of her blogs, we have some common attitudes about our Mormon experience and take on things so it only seemed like a fun idea to combine our minds (for good or bad, lol). Where do you fit in – visit April’s blog on “What’s a Normal Mormon, anyway?” Very interesting (and true).

You can visit my website at The purpose for my site is to allow me an outlet to vent my frustrations on those who criticize the church. I’ve been active in Mormon forums for years and it’s become the same old comment, just a different critic and same old whiny story. It became old repeating myself over and over so I recently developed my own site to get it all out. It’s fairly new – I only have 3 blogs so far but plan on a new one each month. Feel free to email me ( with any comments, suggestions, complaints, whining, whatever. April is not affiliated whatsoever with my site or comments I make so please leave her out of it if you get ticked off at what I say. If she becomes ticked off she has the power and authority to crush me off this site, lol. Hopefully I won’t cause too much bumps and bruises but you never know. I bark more then I bite.

Okay, so enough with me – I’d actually like to comment on April’s most recent blog on the FLDS issue in Texas. It’s got so I can’t even watch the news anymore. My biggest weakness is watching the suffering of children and the elderly. So I’m kind of torn between the issues of them having to rip out what are now over 500 children from their families. April made some very good points and I don’t want my first post to be of that of disagreement with her, lol, but maybe a different look or point of view at it.

I’m in the Midwest so I’m not around any polygamous communities nor do I want to pretend I know and understand what goes on. What I know is what I hear from the media, which as we know isn’t the most reliable source for a truth seekers. So let me just throw out what I do know – It’s illegal to practice polygamy in the US – so that makes it wrong in the eyes of the government. According to my faith, it’s wrong to practice polygamy today – so that makes it wrong to me. According to what I know of the FLDS religion – they are not practicing polygamy in the strict rules and practices set forth by Joseph Smith and Brigham Young which was received by revelation from God, they kinda made up their “own” rules – so that makes it wrong in my opinion, especially when the profess that they are practicing it the way it was originally, not ture. According to what I also understand – there are proven issues of sexual, mental, emotional and physical child and women abuse going on among the FLDS communities – which is a tragedy in of itself.

Were they right in ripping apart children as young as 5 years old and handicapped form their families? Honestly, I don’t know? Why though is it that the children always have to suffer these kinds of things? I’m glad however that the children are safe now! I’m sad however, especially for the younger children, they don’t feel the security of being with their mother and I’m sure they are absolutely terrified at the moment. I don’t think either way there is any “feel good” answer to solve this. However, rather then to rip away the kids – why not do what the government did to the Mormon Church when they ended polygamy and when others refused to end it on their own? Didn’t the government go after the MEN? They did, hundreds of men and women were arrested and children were taken and placed in foster care. Where are the men in all this at Texas? Rather then using time and resources on separating the children from the problem – why not use the time and resources on separating the PROBLEM from the children – which are the MEN! Let’s end the cycle. Sure, I’m not forgetting about the mothers, I’m certain they are to blame too, at least some of them. But I’m sure there are many mothers especially the younger ones who are innocent in this – a lot of sifting/filtering/counseling to do.

I say a plan should have been made to go in and have an all out “Shock and Awe” attack on getting these abusive men out of the community, rather then the children. Just an opinion – I don’t think there’s no real good answer, either way, even if no raid was done, the children will have to suffer the most and will have to suffer this the rest of their lives. It’s heartbreaking. :(


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