Praying Pays in Little Ways

Hey that rhymes. Which is why it's the title for a new weekly post at Normal Mormons. (We like rhyming here.)

This post will be dedicated to demonstrating how daily praying and scripture study directly contributes to...dare I say it...good fortune. I know that's not exactly how it all works. I also know that we shouldn't pray and study scriptures for this sole purpose. The point is to gain a deeper understanding of the gospel, and a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father. I have a firm belief however, that he'll throw us a bone every once in awhile too. Ahem, we refer to them as "blessings." E-mail your blessings to me at if you would like them in one of the weekly posts. Here are mine for today.

1. I really hate my cell phone provider. I won't name names, but it starts with an "S" and ends with "print." They have the worst customer service and the phone I have never works. It is so bad that I have seriously contemplated paying the $300 to get out of my contract. Today I went into the store because my battery wasn't charging. By the end of the whole deal I got a new free battery, a cheaper plan without a contract, and a 25% discount per month. (Because of where I work.)

2. My husband has been helping his older brother run his road construction business during his spring break. 15 hour days for the last 10 days he's been doing hard labor. They weren't getting any help from other people in the company, so they took matters into their own hands and handled the situation. Because of this, my husband couldn't study for a big test. The impossibly strict professor that runs the class miraculously pushed back the test at my husbands request.

3. During this post, my husband called. He said after all the crazy things that happened in the situation above, the person who runs the company in our city quit. My husband stepped in and is now running the company and going to school full time!

We have been having difficulties financially, so all these really came at the perfect time. We always have prayed nightly together (which I strongly reccommend) but only recently have read the scriptures and had a "mini-lesson." I think this has helped lead us in the right direction.

E-mail your blessings to and see them in next weeks post.


Moody said...

I really need to pray and do scripture study on a regular basis. You've given a nudge, so I hope I'll be able to inundate you with blessings because of it!

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