What's a Normal Mormon Anyway?

Initially, Normal Mormons was created to be a discussion area for members of the church who more or less identified with the rest of society, rather than other Mormons. "Normal" means conforming to the standard or the common type. I meant "conforming to the standard or common type of society." We can't necessarily recite scriptures on a whim, we don't all know how to make 37 different types of fruit salad, we sometimes watch rated "R" movies, we don't all have perfectly pleated suits or curled bangs. We love the gospel and strive to live as righteously as possible. We are also REAL, we have substance, we have questions, answers, and are outspoken, inquisitive, and are tough enough to withstand the persecution brought onto us by others. We don't discount every argument against our faith without research, and we recognize that we aren't the smartest or most perfect people on Earth. We also don't try to confuse people with fancy words and scripture spouting, or put on a fake front to impress people. We also have a sense of humor. And we're sexy.

However, it can also be taken the other direction of course - conforming to the standard or common type of church members (the Jell-O mold members) and this isn't looked poorly upon at all by myself, at least. If anything I strive to be a little more like them. These members include those who were raised in the church, have never missed a Sunday, were consistently surrounded by the gospel as children, always have a brilliant and in-depth plan for Family Home Evening, and always highlight their scriptures. They were married in the temple, their house is impeccable, and they're college graduates or stay at home parents. We all know what makes a conformist Mormon. But these are also "Normal Mormons."

Whatever category you fall into, rest assured there is always room to learn, grow, and improve. Each group could probably stand to take some pointers from the other. The ultimate goal is to simply grow in the gospel, become closer to Heavenly Father, our families, and live life to the absolute fullest. In the mean time there will be bumps, hurdles, times of praise, and beautiful little moments that make the life given to us worth it.

Enough serious stuff, let's party. *breaks out the Scattergories*


Mormon Heretic said...

Thanks for the definitions. I think I fall into both Normal categories.

sjhollist said...

Nice blog. I going to link to it from mine:

S.J. Hollist's Official Blog

Monty H. (Mesa, AZ) said...

And all this time, I've that my family and I were the only ones like us. Your first description is us to a tee. I can't tell you the number of times that I've been told that I was unlike any Mormon they have known. We don't all judge. We are not all "perfect Molly's and Peters". In fact many of us have strayed from the Gospel, even been Exed, but we have always known and felt the truth of the Gospel. I love that there are more of us.

Tug said...

Normal Mormons unite! :]

Anonymous said...

why are you saying that mormons have curled bangs? that was a while ago! are you old or something? and I think that it is kind of rude to say the stuff you are saying. just think about that.

dynamite girl said...

I guess I might be trying to figure out what type of normal Mormon I am. I lived the first 30 years of my life as a jello making live in black and white king of girl, the next three years I spent be plain and simply mad at God. Now I am trying to decide where to go next, no longer angry but suddeny falling on the very libral side. Marry off those Gays (they deserve companionship and happiness as much as I do) provide health care for all, and let a woman chose what is best for her own body. Told you I was screwed up.

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